TrackWizz - Anti Money Laundering


TrackWizz is an Anti Money Laundering system that provides a means to prevent or report money laundering activities in the form of suspicious transactions by the clients using a Risk based approach. A financial institution such as a member of the Stock Exchange, Depository Participant can monitor, investigate and report patterns of transactions of a suspicious nature, and thus perform due diligence which is required to ensure not only smooth and safe business, but also compliance with various SEBI as well as exchange specific regulations.

Any single criterion used to evaluate the suspicious nature of a client's activities will be inadequate and produce inconsequential results. TSS AML is a unique and comprehensive system which ranks Clients by assigning negative grades based on multiple criteria. The summary provides an easy means to get a "Big picture" of Clients who are found to step in to unusual scenarios.

Key features

  • Consolidated Platform for Equity, Derivatives and Depository Segment.
  • End to End Solution, Screening to STR.
  • Watch list/ Screening from multiple sources - SEBI, UN Security Council, OFAC, PEP with PAN Numbers.
  • Ongoing checking for updated SEBI Debarred Entities with existing clients at a click of a button.
  • Download Manager will ensure that all public and trade level information is directly imported to the system.
  • Ranking of Clients based on smart detection of potentially fraudulent transactions and trading patterns.
  • AML Dashboard allows to analyzing patterns for any period even more than one year.
  • Improve accuracy of alerts and focus on high-risk clients and events, rather than chasing all simple alerts based on one single criterion
  • Risk Categorization of Clients allows you to highlight high risk Clients
  • Track Clients classified in Special Categories like NRI, Trust, Charity, Politically Exposed, Non face-to-face clients, clients with dubious public reputation etc
  • Auto marking of some types of special categories.
  • Customizable grading system that allows you to define your own weightings for different unusual scenarios.
  • Suspicious transaction register allows you to save and track suspicious transactions as required by regulations of the exchange and SEBI, by maintaining comment log and status (Closed after investigation / Reported to Exchange) for each suspicious
  • STR Module Which will create the files as desired by the FIU IND.
  • 55 Institutions already using the solution.
  • Performance Benchmarking.Currently running the dashboard through 12 million trades, 1.3 Million Clients
  • Constantly updating package based on feedback from all existing clients spread across geographical locations and regulatory changes.
  • Unique Highest Financial Exposure Concept. (Client Financial Size)
  • Report Builder to create own views and on conditions and saving.

Segments / Business available in the solution